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The Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence Program (FACE)TM

Fuelling the Dream The Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™ ) program provides funding to amateur athletes hoping to one day represent Canada at the Olympic and Paralympic games.

The path to the podium can be long and difficult and through the FACE program, we are there for our athletes as they embark on their journey. The FACE program helps by providing funding to an athlete and their coach to support their development in sport, and work towards achieving national carded status.

Every year, the FACE program fuels the dreams of 50 up-and-coming non-carded athletes and their coaches with an $8,000 grant. Non-carded athletes do not receive any government funding and depend on programs like FACE to pursue their dreams.

Athletes and coaches can use the funding for:

  • training
  • equipment 
  • travel to competition

To date, the FACE program has helped over 2,400 Canadian athletes and their coaches by providing more than $8,000,000 dollars in direct financial support.

All Olympic and Paralympic sports are eligible for FACE program funding and follow criteria established by Petro-Canada™, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee to qualify.

National Sport Organizations (NSOs) select and nominate candidates across Canada who would best benefit from the funding.

Together, Petro-Canada and the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic committees work with NSOs and the Coaching Association of Canada to select the final nominations.

We are proud of our FACE recipients and wish them continued success in one day representing Canada.

View the 2013 FACE recipients
View the 2012 FACE recipients
View the 2011 FACE recipients

Check out the Petro-Canada Fuels Athletes Facebook page for a behind-the-scenes look at our FACE recipients 


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