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Our industry-tailored fuel delivery services.

We work with many different industries to provide refuelling solutions that are tailored to each industry.

Mining: a safer fuel alternative.

We're in the mining business too. So we've designed a mining diesel with the deepest and hottest work conditions – and the safety of miners – in mind.

Our Petro-Canada™ mining diesel offers:

  • a high flash point, which reduces the risk of ignition providing a safer environment for your miners
  • ultra-low sulphur content so it burns cleaner, helping to lower emissions and improve air quality


Petro-Canada offers ECA (Emission Control Area) compliant marine gas oil (MGO) along the Canadian West Coast. Our MGO meets or exceeds all environmental and marine industry fuel standards.

With our self-propelled bunkering vessel, we can deliver fuel safely and reliably where others can't:

  • Sea and river bunkering in all zones, including English Bay and Victoria
  • Our self-propelled vessel makes getting in and out of tight spots quicker
  • We use one vessel – not two – which requires less maneuvering

Reliability and safety – that's what we deliver, along with your fuel.


We know that not every driver remembers to refill their vehicle at the end of their shift. And trying to refuel everyone in the morning can cause delays, affect efficiency and create overtime. Our services not only save you money, but save you time.

We deliver more than fuel for your fleet:

  • Our commercial fuelling network keeps growing, to reduce driver downtime
  • Real-time data and customized reports, let you track your fuel spend and control costs
  • We have reliable on-site delivery and refuelling services to optimize productivity
  • Our experts develop tailored fuel solutions to drive your businesses forward


On construction sites, we know that refuelling your equipment can interfere with productivity. We've tailored our fuel delivery services to:

  • safely and reliably refuel your tanks and equipment – ensuring your project success
  • several fuelling options to optimize your sites productivity by reducing downtime
  • provide emergency fuel delivery
  • provide full tank solutions


To support forestry businesses, we make sure that refuelling your equipment doesn't interfere with productivity. And we make sure each delivery happens safely. We also offer:

  • a Petro-Pass™ network close to mills
  • a bulk plant network and truck fleets that makes it possible for us to deliver smaller quantities of fuel more frequently based on your changing needs


We know that farmers work hard around the clock and we have you covered with 7 days a week delivery of fuel, lubricants and bulk DEF. We also can provide farm equipment rentals and fuel tank setups to make it easier for you to focus on your next delivery instead of ours. To our farming partners, we provide:

  • deliveries 7 days a week
  • fuel tank setup and leasing programs
  • farm equipment rentals through Flaman Equipment
  • lubricants and bulk DEF all under one roof


Our fuel deliveries are always reliable and dependable – and we know how important these are for our drilling partners.

Our focus for drilling companies include:

  • safety – this is at the fore-front of every delivery we make
  • reliable deliveries – to support drilling activities across Western Canada (we can cover your company’s fuel demands anywhere in Western Canada)
  • our network of bulk plants, which is the most comprehensive network in the drilling areas across Western Canada
  • full tank solutions


We understand the unique needs of all sectors of Government including fuel requirements for essential services. We are committed to providing the support, guidance and partnership that you expect from a supplier across all levels of Government.

We deliver Seasonal Diesel, Biodiesel, Number 1 Diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Ethanolized Gasoline and Regular Unleaded Gasoline through the following services:

  • Bulk delivery – fuel and DEF directly into your bulk storage tanks
  • On-site refuelling – diesel directly into your vehicles and equipment when it’s convenient for you
  • Fleet fuel management through our SuperPass™ commercial card providing access to both Petro-Canada Petro-Pass™ and gas stations