At Petro-Canada™, we’re proud to offer the lowest-sulphur diesel on the market.

Designed with the deepest and hottest work conditions in mind, Petro-Canada’s mining diesel offers a high flash point, which: 

  • reduces the risk of ignition 
  • provides a safer environment for your miners

Burns Cleaner, Helping to Lower Emissions

Our mining diesel helps provide a safer and more environmentally conscious solution. An unsurpassed low sulphur content helps reduce particulate SO2 and NOx.  

By burning cleaner, Petro-Canada’s mining diesel contributes to:

  • improved air quality 
  • lower emissions
Mining truck sunset view

Greater Power and Performance

Our fuel can stand up to the toughest mining conditions, to help you:

  • drive greater power out of your equipment 
  • with quicker starts 
  • with smoother runs 
  • improve fuel efficiency

Together, this contributes to a better bottom line.

Fuel Delivered on Time, Around the Clock

Petro-Canada understands that late fuel deliveries stall operations and hurt the bottom line.  Our national network allows us to deliver products to your site when and where you need it.  We are committed to delivering quality products and services to keep your business moving.

Talk to us about how Petro-Canada can help improve safety and performance, lower costs and cater to your mining needs.