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Petro-Canada produces and sells high quality gasolines designed to meet every type of Canadian driving condition.

Petro-Canada offers three grades of gasoline across Canada, and a fourth grade in selected areas:



Octane Level

Petro-Canada Brand Name


87 octane



89 octane



91 octane


Super premium

94 octane

SuperClean 94, available in Montréal

Super premium

94 octane

Ultra 94



All Petro-Canada branded gasolines contain Tactrol, a proprietary deposit control additive, sometimes called a gasoline detergent, that is designed to keep fuel systems clean.

Petro-Canada has supplied Canadians with high-quality fuels that meet their driving needs for many years. This track record, and the fact that our fuels meet or exceed all Canadian standards, has resulted in our customers’ confidence in the quality of our fuels. To confirm the high standards of our fuels, Petro-Canada decided to participate in the Top Tier program as of Oct. 1, 2006.

Find out how Petro-Canada uses ethanol-blended gasoline in selected markets 


Because A Cleaner Engine Simply Runs Better

Tactrol is our exclusive deposit control additive that acts as a detergent to clean and prevent the build-up of harmful deposits. Tactrol is used in all grades of Petro-Canada gasoline — including RegularClean, PlusClean, SuperClean, Ultra 94, and WinterGas.

SuperClean and Ultra 94 come fortified with an extra dosage of Tactrol — so it can actually remove stubborn deposits, help restore your engine's performance, and keep it clean.

No other company uses Tactrol except Petro-Canada.


Reference Fuel — In the measurement of octane quality of gasoline a mixture of two hydrocarbons called iso-octane and normal heptane. Iso-octane is assigned an octane rating of 100, and normal heptane is assigned an octane rating of zero. A blend of 90% iso-octane and 10% n-heptane would have an octane rating of 90 octane.

(R + M) / 2 — The average of Research Octane Number and Motor Octane Number; one measure of the combustion quality of gasoline.

Fuel Economy Comparison




Per Cent Reduction in Fuel Economy



Temperature -5° C vs 25° C 5.3 13
Idling/Warm-up Winter vs summer Variable 20
Air conditioner Extreme heat 21 N/A
Defroster Extreme use Similar to air conditioning

Head wind

30 km/h

2.3 6†

Uphill driving

7% grade

1.9 25

Poor road conditions

Gravel, curves, slush, etc.

4.3 50

Congested traffic

30 vs 45 km/h

10.6 15

Highway speed

110 vs 90 km/h

N/A 25

Acceleration rate

"Hard" vs "easy"

11.8 20

Wheel alignment

1 cm

1 10

Tire type

Radial vs non-radial

1 4

Tire pressure

15 psi vs 26 psi

3.3 6


Open vs closed

Unknown but likely small


†Higher head winds can reduce fuel economy by as much as 30%.
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