Caring for Those Who Care For Others – The Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation

National Caregivers Day – a day where we formally acknowledge the incredible contribution that eight million family caregivers across Canada make to their families and friends – occurred a few weeks ago on April 6. Through a partnership with the Canadian Homecare Association (CHCA), we showcased the stories of numerous Canadian family caregivers. One of the most important lessons we learned through the stories of caregivers is that the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation – an organization created to care for those who care for others – is more necessary than ever, particularly during this time of COVID-19.

The incredible amount of love, devotion and work that goes into being a family caregiver is often unrecognized. We want to help shine a light on these dedicated and compassionate heroes. Learn more about the importance of caring for those who care for others and how to help at

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