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I've been using my card but I’m not earning Petro-Points. What should I do?
How do I redeem my Petro-Points?
I lost my Petro-Points card. I need a Petro-Points card replacement.
I have more than one Petro-Points card. Can I transfer the balance to one card?
I'm looking for Petro-Points contact info. How do I contact a Petro-Points customer service agent?
How do I register/activate a Petro-Points card?
Where is the Petro-Points rewards catalogue?
Are there any exclusions for what I can redeem for?
How do I check my Petro-Points balance?
I lost my Wash & Go car wash card or Season Pass. Can I get a replacement?
I was not able to use my Season Pass because the car wash was closed due to renovations, maintenance or extreme cold weather. What can I do?
I was not satisfied with the car wash I received. Is there something I can do?
What is the current Petro-Canada car wash promotion code?
How much does a car wash cost?
I'm looking for a Petro-Canada touchless car wash near me - where can I find one?
Is a touchless car wash as good as a soft cloth or brush wash?
What do I do if my vehicle is damaged in a car wash?
Is there an expiry date for car wash tickets?
Is there a benefit to registering my Season Pass or Wash & Go card online?
Can I redeem Petro-Points to reload or purchase a new Season Pass or Wash & Go card?
Is it possible to combine days from two Season Pass Cards?
Where can I find how many days or washes are remaining on my car wash card?
Where can I see my bonus days or bonus washes from a Season Pass/ Wash & Go promotion?
I was not able to use my Season Pass card because the car wash location was closed due to renovations, maintenance or extreme cold weather. What can I do?
I was not satisfied with the quality of the car wash I received. What can I do?
What are the differences between a Glide, SuperWash & Touchless Car Wash?
What detergents are used in the underbody wash, specifically if a degreaser is used?
I have a Season Pass car wash card, how many vacuums do I get per day?
I scanned my barcode, but the vacuum didn’t start, what should I do?
Is there an expiry on vacuums?
Is there an expiry on car washes?
How do I get more vacuums?
What's my Petro-Canada gift card balance?
How do I get a Petro-Canada gas card?
How do I get a Petro-Canada credit card?
Is Petro-Canada implementing pre-pay because of gas thefts?
What if a customer doesn’t want to pre-pay at the pump? Is it mandatory?
Where can I buy a lottery ticket?
Where can I find snacks/food near me?
Where can I find A&W locations near me?
Where are there propane tank refill locations near me?
Is there a gas station that sells beer and wine near me?
I'm looking for transmission fluid or motor oil. Do you sell them?
What is octane? And what does high octane mean?
Why are gas prices so high?
Where can I find auto propane near me?
Can you mix premium and regular gas in a car?
Where can I sign in to my Petro-Canada Mobility account?
Where can I find info on Petro-Canada Mobility plans?
Is there a Petro-Canada mobility coupon code?
Where can I buy a Petro-Canada SIM card?
How fast can I charge my plug-in hybrid or electric car?
How do I pay for charging?
Why did you install electric vehicle chargers?
What type of charger is featured at your stations?
Does your EV fast charger work with my electric vehicles?
Will a DC fast charger harm or "over charge" my vehicle?
What if I have trouble using the charger?
What should I do if I want to provide feedback or a complaint?
Can I earn or redeem Petro-Points for my EV charge?
Is my Petro-Canada EV account the same as my Petro-Points account
If I start my charging session on the charging device, will I be able to monitor my session on the app?

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