Supporting Canadians and our communities.

We’re incredibly proud of our frontline workers, that’s why we’re empowering our associates with a $3 million investment that enables them to support their communities during this time. Over the coming days and weeks, at our locations across the country, our associates and their teams will thank Canadians who are supporting all essential work, through small acts of kindness.

From fuel discounts, to meals, showers, or a small token of appreciation for our customers, these gestures are our way to say Thank You to all Canadians who are doing their part. Whether you are a health care worker on the frontline, a truck driver ensuring needed products are delivered, a transit worker getting others where they need to go, or a grocery, pharmacy, or food delivery service employee, you are essential, and we celebrate your contribution.

As the needs of Canadians continue to evolve through COVID-19, Petro-Canada associates will also work with local organizations to support their neighbourhoods across Canada. Support will take various forms depending on the needs of each community, such as essential items to hospitals, provisions to shelters and assistance to nursing homes.

Please check back with us as we share how we all LIVE BY THE LEAF.

Featured stories from our associates on the front line.

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