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Introducing Petro-Canada EcoDiesel.

Now more than ever, we’re committed to helping Canadian businesses move toward a more sustainable future.

It’s why we’re proud to introduce Petro-Canada EcoDiesel™,
our drop-in renewable diesel. It’s a simple switch that could revolutionize everything.

Petro-Canada EcoDiesel is available in select regions1 across
Canada. Contact us to find out if this product is available near you.

What is Petro-Canada EcoDiesel?

Petro-Canada EcoDiesel is made with hydrotreated renewable diesel (HRD). HRD is an alternative fuel produced from 100%2 renewable materials. It’s produced through a refining process called hydrotreating, which upgrades renewable feedstock to diesel-fuel quality. The final product is a high-quality, low-carbon intensity, renewable diesel.

Why choose Petro-Canada EcoDiesel?

A small change can make a big impact.

If you used 1 million litres of Petro-Canada EcoDiesel instead of 1 million litres of conventional diesel fuel, you would save approximately 2,930 tonnes6 of GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere. That’s like taking hundreds of cars off the road – or planting thousands of trees – just by switching to an alternative fuel.

What is the impact of using 1 million litres of Petro-Canada EcoDiesel? (vs conventional diesel) - approximately 2,930 tonnes of GHG emissions reduction, which is equivalent to:

What our customers are saying.

Make the simple switch that can revolutionize everything.

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