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Never leave points behind with a digital Petro‑Points card that goes where you do. Pay for fuel, activate your car wash and more – all from the palm of your hand.
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Unleash the power of convenience.

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Never miss out, earn points on every purchase.
With your in-app Petro-Points card, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your card at home. Every litre pumped and dollar spent gets you 10 points closer to your next reward.
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Contactless payment at the pump.
Just pull up and pay for your fuel from inside your car. Once you finish fueling, you get your receipt in the app. Plus, earn points automatically with your in-app Petro-Points card.
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Keep your car clean and yourself dry.
Never be stuck without a wash again! Add or reload your car wash cards in the app, then simply enter the code to activate your wash. You don’t even have to roll your window down.

Questions? We have answers.

How do I scan my Petro-Points barcode in the app?
Can I redeem my points using the app?
Do you give tax receipts for points donations?
My Petro-Points were not updated after I reloaded my car wash card
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I accidentally authorized the wrong pump. What happens?
Is there an expiry on car washes?
My car washes and vacuums were not updated after I reloaded my car wash card
How do I get more vacuums?
Can I reload vacuums only?
I have a Season Pass car wash card, how many vacuums do I get per day?
Is there an expiry on vacuums?
I scanned my barcode, but the vacuum didn’t start, what should I do?
What types of payment are accepted through the app?
How do I add my partner card to my Petro-Points account (i.e. Hudsons Bay Rewards)?
How do I reload my Fuel Savings Reward?
Can I use my Fuel Savings Card (FSR) or Preferred Price Card (PPC) with mobile payment?
How can I change my language settings?

Not a Petro‑Points member? 

Not a Petro‑Points member?