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Our mobile cardlocks

Working in a remote location already has its challenges. Fuel shouldn’t be one of them. With your SuperPass™ card and our mobile cardlocks, you can take advantage of on-site fuelling for your hard-to-access projects.

Fuel up in the middle of everywhere.

Our mobile cardlocks were specifically designed to make remote fuelling easier and more secure on temporary job sites—especially where road access is limited. Tanks arrive quickly and can be configured according to your project and location needs. If something changes, tanks can be moved or removed at any time.

How it works.

  1. Call us to discuss your job site location, fuel needs and cardlock configurations.
  2. If your business doesn’t already have a SuperPass card, you would need to apply for one first. 
  3. We deliver and set up your mobile cardlock and our team of experts is available for ongoing support.
  4. Operate cardlock using SuperPass cards to dispense fuel. Enjoy full access to SuperPass Online to manage your fuel purchases and monitor your project costs.
  5. Our local Associates monitor your cardlock inventories and replenish, so you can focus on your project.

All the ways you benefit.

More access to fuel
SuperPass card holders never run out of fuel—on your route or on the job site.

Full control

By accessing the cardlock through SuperPass, you get PIN protection, alerts for unusual card behaviour, and complete control to manage, suspend or cancel cards with SuperPass Online.

Maximum productivity
With a mobile, on-site cardlock, you maximize productivity by reducing the need to travel for refuelling.

Peace of mind
Our mobile cardlocks are equipped with features (e.g. lights, overfill alarms, containment pads) to keep remote fuelling safe and environmentally responsible.

Our mobile cardlock locations.

See our existing mobile cardlock network in Alberta and British Columbia.  

Does your remote site need fuel? Connect with us to see if we can bring a cardlock to your job site.

Petro-Canada SuperPass card

Fuel your remote projects with SuperPass.