A Petro-Canada fuel truck next to a row of large fuel tanks.

Our wholesale distributors and bulk plants.

Our Petro-Canada™ wholesale distributors are located across most cities and towns in Canada. Our distributors deliver products to homes, farms and commercial or industrial customers all over the country.

Petro-Canada wholesale distributors.

Our wholesale distributors partner with Petro-Canada to deliver the following products and services:

  • Bulk fuel delivery – fuel is delivered to your fuel storage tank
  • Bulk DEF delivery – DEF can be delivered along with your bulk fuel
  • On-site refuelling – fuel is delivered directly to your vehicles or equipment
  • Heating oil delivery, including our clean burning ThermaClean™
  • Petro-Canada Lubricants delivery of 350+ lubricants and greases

Industry-tailored fuel delivery

We've tailored our fuel delivery services for specific industries, including:

  • farming
  • construction
  • forestry
  • mining
  • fleet/transportation
  • marine
  • drilling
  • government