A rotary display of gift cards in a Petro-Canada store.

Phone and gift cards at Petro-Canada.

Stop into a Petro-Canada™ store and choose from our wide selection of cards, including phone cards, Petro-Canada gift cards and gift cards from companies like Amazon, iTunes, the Keg, Cineplex and The Home Depot.

Our Petro-Canada gift card.

With a Petro-Canada gift card, you can buy anything from gas to in-store items like snacks and drinks (excludes gift cards).

You’ll love:

  • the choices – $25, $50 and $100 denominations available
  • the points – earn Petro-Points™ when you use your Petro-Canada gift card

Phone cards.

Our stores carry a wide variety of phone cards, including prepaid, international and long-distance phone cards. Plus, earn 10 points for every $1 spent on phone cards.

Frequently asked questions.

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Where can I buy Petro-Canada gift cards?
Do I earn Petro-Points on gift card purchases?