Blue wheelchair icon indicating a disabled parking spot

Accessibility at Petro-Canada locations.

At many of our Petro-Canada™ gas stations and stores, you’ll find

  • Dedicated parking spaces
  • Wide doorways and ramps into the building (space permitting)
  • Wheelchair accessible store layouts and washrooms (space permitting)
  • Easy access to fuel pumps

Our full-service gas stations.

At stations that offer full- and self-service, drivers with an accessible parking permit will receive full-service at self-serve prices. The full-service attendant will fuel your vehicle at a self-service pump so that you pay the self-serve price.

Our accessible fuelling service.

At participating self-serve stations, if you have an accessible parking permit, you can

  1. Drive up to a two-way call station located at the fuel island.
  2. Press the button to ask for assistance with fuelling your vehicle.

With this service, you can pay using cash, Petro-Canada Gift Cards, and select credit cards and debit cards with tap (contactless technology).

Contact us.

We want every visit to one of our stations to be a positive experience. If you are unable to get to a Petro-Canada station with a full-serve attendant or accessible fuelling service, please contact your local Petro-Canada station to discuss your needs.

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Network at