Supporting Indigenous Culture and Sport at the North American Indigenous Games

The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), most recently held in July 2023 in Nova Scotia, are an opportunity to bring together more than 5,000 athletes, coaches and team staff from 756 Indigenous Nations across the continent. Athletes compete in 16 different sports including the 3 traditional Indigenous sports of Canoe/Kayak, Box Lacrosse and 3D archery. Several cultural celebrations as well as the incorporation of Indigenous customs and traditions also play a significant role in the games.

Photo Credit: NAIG - Used with Permission

Our Journey of Reconciliation includes a commitment to honour Indigenous history and culture. As the fuel sponsor of the games, we were able to serve not only mission staff, lead volunteers, and Honoured Guests, but also tribal Elders who required transportation to support athletes and attendees through culturally important ways including knowledge keeping, prayer, healing, and smudges.

We are proud to have played a small role in supporting the North American Indigenous Games. To get a sense of the scope of competitions and cultural events, check out this wrap-up video from the 2023 games held in Nova Scotia.

We look forward to the North American Indigenous Games coming to Calgary in 2027.

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