Petro-Canada EV Fast Charge station

Introducing our EV fast charge.

Helping Canadians get to where they want to go is what we do. And we know your needs are evolving. Which is why we are building a network of EV fast charge stations across Canada. From the East coast to the West coast, and all the amazing places in between, we’ll be there to charge your journey. 

Our chargers feature the following options for your vehicle.

DC fast charge
Two connectors per charger
CCS and CHAdeMO connectors
Fast, easy activation
Text notification

We launched our EV fast charge network with a location in Milton, Ontario. Watch the video for a look at what’s gone into our first location.

Why did you install electric vehicle chargers?
Which Petro-Canada locations currently have electric vehicle charging stations?
Is the charger free to use?
What type of charger is featured at your Milton, ON site?
Does your EV fast charger work with my electric vehicles?
Will a DC fast charger harm or "over charge" my vehicle?
What if I have trouble using the charger?
What should I do if I want to provide feedback or a complaint?