Caring is Canadian.

Canadians rely on us to keep them moving. But they also expect more from us — to make their lives better. We strive to do that every day, in communities across Canada.

Introducing the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation.

Over 8 million Canadians devote their lives to caring for loved ones. For family caregivers, caring is an everyday commitment.

Even though they give without expecting recognition or anything in return, we know that caregiving comes at a cost to those who provide it. Family caregivers can spend their entire lives taking care of loved ones, but when they need support themselves, they often have no one to turn to. To help them, we’re launching a charity that will work with on-the-ground organizations to provide support, while also raising awareness of the incredible generosity of Canadian caregivers.

So while caregiving and selling fuel may not seem to have a lot in common, what it all boils down to is people – and supporting them as they move through their lives. We are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, and we’re committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians. Caring for those who care for others is just one way we Live By The Leaf.

Starting with a commitment of $10 million over 5 years, we’ll help make the Foundation’s goals a reality.

Give the gift of caring for others.

Join us as we work to improve the lives of family caregivers across Canada. Show your support by donating Petro-Points or visit the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation website to learn more.