A Ship sailing on the water

Reliable bunkering is here.

With our self-propelled bunkering vessel, we can deliver fuel safely and reliably where others can’t. 

Self-propelled bunkering vessel

For convenient and efficient bunkering, we added a self-propelled vessel to our offering in Vancouver.

Our bunkering vessel is more manoeuvrable compared to towed barges, so every marine zone on the west coast can be serviced easily and reliably, including English Bay and Victoria. The vessel is also less impacted by bad weather and difficult sea conditions, which bolsters the reliability and safety of supply.

Why partner with us

  • Convenience 
    In addition to our self-propelled bunkering vessel, we have three marinas and truck-to-vessel fuel delivery service.
  • Consistent, high-quality supply
    With a presence at every stage of the supply chain and distribution network, we are a solid, reputable company with control over product quality and availability.
  • World-class service and expertise
    Our people are committed to providing knowledgeable, experienced and local support.

More than Marine Gas Oil

If asked how Petro‑Canada serves the marine industry, you could say that we provide marine gas oil (MGO)—a high-quality, low-sulfur, 0% bio-content fuel oil. 

But that’s just one part of what we do. Our technology, marine expertise and integrated operation mean we serve you directly, conveniently and reliably. And our consistent supply means you can count on MGO in the coming years. 

Passion, service and expertise

We are not a reseller; Petro‑Canada is proudly owned by Suncor. We not only mine and refine fuel; we have a presence at every stage of the supply chain and distribution network.