A Ship sailing on the water

Reliable bunkering is here.

Our technology, marine expertise and integrated operation mean we serve you directly, conveniently and reliably.


Four ways to fuel your vessel.

Get ECA-compliant truck-to-vessel MGO delivery along the Canadian West Coast

Access seasonal gas and diesel services from three conveniently located marinas in Nanaimo, Port Hardy and Prince Rupert
*may contain as much as 5% biodiesel

From our Burrard Terminal we ship our products out to you quickly and easilyOur self-propelled bunkering vessel offers MGO and Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil and can get to areas others can’t

Why partner with us.

  • Easier bunkering
    We have the first single-unit refuelling vessel on the West Coast. The CL Aquarius takes up less space and is more maneuverable, allowing efficient bunkering in all zones including English Bay and Victoria.

  • Consistent, high-quality supply of MGO fuel
    We are not a reseller; Petro‑Canada is proudly owned by Suncor. We not only mine and refine fuel; we have a presence at every stage of the supply chain and distribution network.

  • World-class service and expertise in the marine industry
    Our people are committed to providing knowledgeable, experienced and local support.