A car being filled with Petro-Canada gas at the Petro-Canada gas station pumps.

Bonus Litres Program.

Preferred price card

To receive your bonus litres, you must be a Petro-Points™ member with an online account.

No account? No problem! Just sign up below. Once you have an account and are logged in, you can register your Preferred Price™ card to receive your bonus litres.

  1. Sign in or join Petro-Points.

  2. Register your Preferred Price Card.

  3. Receive your bonus litres.

Frequently asked questions

Do all Preferred Price cards offer bonus litres to Petro-Points members?
Who is eligible to receive the bonus litres?
How do I receive the bonus litres?
I am a Petro-Points member but I do not have internet access. Can I still receive the bonus litres?
How many bonus litres will I receive?
Can I receive bonus litres on multiple Preferred Price cards?
When do the bonus litres expire?
Once I receive a Preferred Price card, how much time do I have to register the card and receive the bonus litres?
Once I register my Preferred Price card online, is the card balance protected?
Where can I find the balance remaining on my Preferred Price card?

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