EV fast charge station at night

Introducing our EV fast charge.

You've always been able to drive from the Rockies to the Maritimes. And now, you can do it in an electric vehicle. Because helping Canadians get to where they want to go is what we do, and we know your needs are evolving.

We don’t look behind us to see how far we’ve come – we look ahead to see how far we can go.

Welcome to Canada’s Electric Highway.

With locations being built from coast-to-coast, we’re excited to be a part of Canadians’ journey.

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    Our EV car charging stations have these options for your vehicle.

    DC fast charge icon DC fast charge
    Two connectors per charge
    Fast easy activation
    Text notification
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    We are excited to have these new EV chargers located in our community. The town of Stewiacke prides itself on improving the way of life for our residents and those visiting. We are very proud to be a stop on the new electric highway.
    John IvesHalifax, Petro-Canada

    Rolling out Canada’s Electric Highway.

    With locations being built across Canada, we’re excited to be a part of your journey.

    For a limited time you can charge your vehicle for free.

    Until this fall you can use our DC fast chargers for free. As we continue to expand Canada’s Electric Highway™, we will provide updates here.

    DC fast chargers with universal standard connectors.

    Our chargers will provide you with two universal standard connectors – CCS & CHAdeMO. They feature a safety first design to ensure reliable and convenient charging.

    I had the pleasure of meeting the Petro‑Canada - ev chargers team early in the beta test for Milton. Their drive for EVers input and making changes to improve the charging experience has been great. Thank you Petro-Canada!
    Why did you install electric vehicle chargers?
    How much will a charge be?
    Is the charger free to use?
    What type of charger is featured at your Milton, ON site?
    Does your EV fast charger work with my electric vehicles?
    Will a DC fast charger harm or "over charge" my vehicle?
    What if I have trouble using the charger?
    What should I do if I want to provide feedback or a complaint?