Two men in a Petro-Canada store looking at products together.

Become a Petro-Canada gas station owner.

If you're looking to become an independent owner of a fuel station, the Petro-Canada™ name brings with it a reputation that is supported by our innovative products and services as well as high standards.

The required investment.

You can become an independent owner of a Petro-Canada gas station through one of the following three ways:

  • Owning an existing gas station that can be changed into a Petro-Canada station
  • Owning a vacant property that you are willing to build a new gas station on
  • Finding and buying a Petro-Canada gas station for sale by an independent owner. Note: Petro-Canada does not get involved in the sale of independently owned Petro-Canada stations.

Initial investment

Ranges from $500,000 to $3 million

Petro-Canada planning.

  • Site development – We help with planning new sites with our well-developed and innovative site design.
  • Convenience store planning – Our Convenience Store team help you plan, design and equip your store to optimize sales with store planning and layout, equipment quotes and supplier support, coordination of store setup and support before and after store opening.

Petro-Canada programs.

  • Petro-Points™ is one Canada's largest loyalty programs with over 4.2 million active members. It helps build loyalty and increase sales.
  • Our corporate incentive program consists of customizable gift cards that businesses give to employees and customers that drive customers to our locations.
  • SuperPass™ fleet management cards allow drivers to purchase various kinds of products from our Petro-Canada and Petro-Pass™ locations.
  • Petro-Canada national marketing benefits all our retailers with on-site signage, online ads, email marketing, social media and direct mail programs.

Get in touch.

If you have any questions or want to know more about becoming an independent owner, get in touch.