A skier going down a steep mountain slope.

Supporting Canadian athletes with programs and awards.

For our coaches.

We partner with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to support our coaches in their journey to fuel the dreams of our athletes. In addition to the support given to coaches through our FACE™ grants, other support includes:

Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Sportif Conference

This annual event is the largest gathering of sport educators and coaches in North America.

Coaching Excellence Awards

In partnership with the CAC, we recognize coaches of medal winning athletes. We honour the recipients at an annual Sports Leadership Awards Gala.

For our athletes' families.

Canadian Athlete Family Program

We believe one of the best ways for Petro-Canada to support Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes is to help their biggest supporters — their families — be there to see them compete. That’s why in 2010, we launched the Canadian Athlete Family Program. This first-of-its-kind initiative allowed over 500 athletes' family members to watch their loved ones compete live at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

When the Covid-19 pandemic made attending the 2020 Summer Games and 2022 Winter Games impossible, we knew we had to find another way to help support these families. So we created a cheer box filled with items that families could use to show their solidarity and support even if they couldn't be there in-person.

For our athletes.

James Worrall Flag Bearer Award

Since 2002, we have presented the James Worrall Flag Bearer Award to the athletes chosen to lead Team Canada into the Olympic Stadium. Paralympic athletes also began receiving this award in 2004.

James Worrall

Competing for Canada in the 1936 Olympic Games, James Worrall was also the flag bearer for the team. After his athletic career, Mr. Worrall became an ambassador worldwide for the Canadian Olympic Movement.

The award

Designed by renowned Canadian artist Micah Lexier, the award is just as solid, impressive and undeniably Canadian as the athletes on our teams.