An electric car being charged.

Alternative fuels that fit your needs.

We believe in innovation and change that meets Canadians' current and future needs. And offering alternative fuels and alternative fuel additives is a part of that. We currently offer gasoline alternatives at select stations.

At Petro-Canada™, we've been working and we continue to work towards helping Canadians reduce their carbon footprint. Here are a few examples of those efforts.

Electric car charging stations

Because we began to see a need for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, we installed them at select gas stations. Our EV charging stations are helping us learn more about this emerging market. As the need grows we will look to expand the number of locations that have EV charging.

Ethanol-blended gasoline

Our ethanol gas is a mixture of our conventional unleaded gas and ethanol (may contain up to 10% ethanol). We use ethanol in our gasoline where legislation requires its use and where conditions warrant.

Biofuel additive

Suncor's ethanol plant in Ontario is Canada's largest biofuel production facility, producing up to 400 million litres of ethanol per year from renewable sources.

Auto propane

Automotive or auto propane is also known as liquefied petroleum gas and is available at several stations across Canada.