A car being filled with Petro-Canada gas at the Petro-Canada gas station pumps.

Our Petro-Canada gas.

At Petro-Canada™, we produce and sell for all seasons – even the coldest Canadian winters.


Fuel octane levels or grades.

From regular to premium gas, our different grades of gas meet the needs of Canadian drivers.

We offer three gasoline grades everywhere, as well as the highest octane number available in Canada:

  • 87 octane
  • 89 octane
  • 91 octane
  • 94 octane, available at over 700 stations in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec

Petro-Canada gas.

Our gas choices include our RegularClean 87 octane gas, our mid-level PlusClean 89 octane gas and our SuperClean™ 91 octane gas. We designed our premium gas, SuperClean 91, for vehicles that need a high octane gas for maximum performance.

Ethanol-blended gasoline.

In many of our gasoline grades, ethanol is blended with our conventional unleaded gas. Ethanol is mixed with our gasoline where conditions warrant and to meet federal and provincial mandates.

Frequently asked questions.

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