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Heat your home with our home heating oil.

Many of our fuel distributors offer home heating oil and home comfort solutions across the country. Our partners provide year-round service as well as safe, clean and environmentally responsible home heating solutions.

Many of our local fuel distributors also offer:

  • modern fuel efficient heating appliances including furnaces, boilers and water heaters
  • oil tanks
  • air conditioning
  • equipment protection plans
  • air quality solutions

Our ThermaClean home heating oil.

Many Petro-Canada™ fuel distributors offer ThermaClean™ – an innovative, environmentally responsible heating oil. Our ThermaClean oil is specially formulated to burn cleaner and more efficiently than regular home heating fuel, reducing smoke, soot and corrosion.

The technology behind ThermaClean has been widely accepted in Europe since the 1990s. Today, millions of homes in Europe use similar cleaner-burning fuels.

Independent research

World-renowned, independent laboratory TÜV in Germany showed a dramatic increase in burner cleanliness and efficiency when using the additives found in ThermaClean. Research showed:

  • the immediate and continued improvement in combustion efficiency
  • a reduction in waste of heating oil due to heat loss or inefficient combustion
  • a dramatic improvement in the cleanliness of heating systems

Advantages of ThermaClean.

  • Reduced emissions – When soot builds up inside your furnace’s heat exchanger and chimney, it prevents heat from being efficiently distributed throughout your home. But ThermaClean produces much less soot than regular heating oil. This can extend the life of your heating system.
  • Reduced fuel consumption – Because it burns cleaner and more efficiently with less wasted heat, a furnace using ThermaClean may burn less oil than with regular oil – saving you money over the long term.*
  • Protected oil tank – Did you know that oil tanks can corrode from the inside out? ThermaClean helps protect your oil tank because we’ve added an anti-corrosive ingredient that coats your tank with a protective film.

*Actual cleaning results may vary based on type, age and condition of furnace and furnace components.